Hello Data!


We all are, in one form or another, informed that, despite human beings, we also exist in the form of data, may it be as a single telephone record in the smartphone of a friend or even as a simple paper record in the notebooks of an old church or civil registry office of a distant island somewhere in the world.

Besides that, all things discovered up to the moment have been registered and mapped in some form. From underground waters to every meter of ground land and the frontiers of outer space, from subjective interpretations of human sciences to the objective discoveries of engineering, physics and math. It is true that, in terms of science, there is still so much to discover, but every time that this is achieved, new records are added, not to mention the new data that has been created along the way. Actually, new data is created on the go while sisters share their selfies on Facebook, when engineers and scientists manage their projects away from their team members, and while I am here writing this post.

Anyhow, civilization has always been subject to its tools, from generation to generation, and currently, in the information age, every person is affected by the way data is obtained, processed and presented.

This website expects to talk about data and its related subjects in every perspective we find, giving examples, sharing tutorials, commenting experiences, and whatever possible and necessary to contribute positively with the scientific, software development and data professionals communities, by getting feedback (intellectual contribution) from its readers, and by generating discussion and reflection.

DataOnScale.com is an endeavor of Luis Cláudio and Pedro Jr., two Brazilian IT professionals and data science enthusiasts.


Author: Pedro Carneiro Jr.

Systems analyst, R programmer, data science enthusiast. DAMA International (Brazil Chapter) member since November, 2016.

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