About Business Intelligence: The Relationship Between Operational Information and Managerial Information


Information can be classified according to its operational or managerial purpose. For Serra (2002), information is both the source and the outcome of executive action: complete and current facts are essential for appropriate decisions. Information is operational when generated to maintain continuity of operations in the organization’s operational cycle and usually comes directly from transactional systems. Information is managerial when it aims to support some decision making. In addition, people of different management levels need management information of different levels.

Text: Pedro Carneiro Jr.
Revision: Luis Cláudio R. da Silveira

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This short text is a mere Portuguese to English translation from part of my monograph “THE PERSISTENCE OF ENUMERATIONS IN POSTGRESQL DATABASES AND QUALITY IN BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE” (free translation of the title), also aliased as “Enum and Quality in BI”, which corresponds to a minor part of the document structure.


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